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Leading Edge NPU Solution for
AI Pathfinders.

✓  We accelerate the future of AI and enable anything you dreamed.
✓  We light your path of AI for a convenient and safe world.

Powerful and versatile solutions
meet all your
edge needs.

Mobilint provides NPU solutions optimized for AI tasks at the edge.

It can achieve high performance even at low power and can perform various AI algorithm operations, significantly improving the performance of your edge products.

Our NPU solution is not only affordable in terms of price and maintenance, but also easy to use with full-stack SDK support. We also offer technical support to help you achieve your goals.

All you have to do is use Mobilint’s amazing solutions and develop whatever you imagine. The following strengths will lead you to your ideal.

Fast and efficient.png

Fast and efficient

High Performance of up to 80 TOPS and high power-efficiency

Reliable scalability.png

Reliable scalability

Provide a linear increase in performance and power efficiency

High versatility.png

High versatility

Support most ML frameworks and over 100 algorithm models

Easy to use.png

Easy to use

Easy to develop with a user-friendly
full-stack SDK

World’s Best AI Accelerator for
Edge HPC Solutions.

The fastest and easy-to-use NPU solution for a high-performance edge AI
with a full-stack SDK and technical support.



The Most Powerful Edge NPU PCIe Card

•  The world’s leading AI performance edge NPU solution
•  High versatility with support for 100+ AI algorithm models
•  Easy-to-use and intuitive interface for quick development



Perfect NPU Solution for Most Edge Devices

•  Complete Edge HPC board for most edge AI applications
•  Support a variety of interfaces including MIPI, USB, and Ethernet

•  Specialized in parallel processing of the latest AI algorithm models

A founding member of MLCommons.

MLCommons created the leading ML benchmark MLPerf.

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News press



Jan 04, 2024

AI 반도체 스타트업 모빌린트,

200억원 시리즈B 투자 유치 성공



Jan 02, 2024

어드밴텍, 에지 AI 사업 확대 위해 모빌린트와 MOU 체결

매일경제     Jan 29, 2023

180대 1 경쟁 뚫은 10곳, 유망 AI 기업에 선정

모빌린트_글로벌 스타팹리스.jpg


Aug 28, 2023

정부, 20개 '스타 팹리스' 지정... “세계 상위 팹리스 배출”

한국경제     Apr 18, 2023

​과학기술전보통신부 장관상 - 모빌린트 CCTV • 로보틱스 등

Forbes Korea     Apr 23, 2023

신동주 모빌린트 대표 - 에지 AI 실현하는 원천 하드웨어

THEELEC       Mar 27, 2023

모빌린트, 첫 NPU 고객사 테스트 돌입…내년 상반기 양산 목표

인터스트리뉴스     Mar 23, 2023

오토닉스, AI 반도체 스타트업 모빌린트와 MOU 체결

뉴스핌     Jan 17, 2023

하이비젼시스템, AI 반도체 스타트업 모빌린트와 MOU 체결

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