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We bring
Intelligence Everywhere.

Let dreamers reach their ideals and enrich people’s lives with edge AI.

Our Leadership Team

Make the world more convenient, safe, and creative for everyone.


Dongjoo Shin

Chief Executive Officer / Chief Technology Officer

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At Mobilint, we are at the forefront of addressing the challenges posed by the suboptimal performance of current processors. By harnessing the power of high-performance NPUs, we are pushing the boundaries of AI technology, transforming the once theoretical into the practical. This not only enhances the safety and convenience of individuals but also ignites the imagination of engineers.

We firmly believe in the transformative potential of AI, envisioning a future where it revolutionizes our lives in diverse and meaningful ways. Committed to excellence and innovation, Mobilint is dedicated to developing and deploying AI acceleration technologies that are shaping a better, more advanced world for everyone.

Join us on our journey to explore the limitless possibilities of AI and make a significant impact on the future!


Jeongseung Lee

Chief Algorithm Engineer

Jongjun Park

Chief Compiler Engineer

Suin Bae

Chief Financial Officer


Make the world more convenient,

safe and creative for everyone.


We bring Intelligence Everywhere.

History of Mobilint

2024. 01

Series B fundraising

2023. 01

Debut in CES 2023

2023. 04

Awarded the Minister of Science and ICT Award from Korea

2023. 06

Awarded the Korea AI industry association Award

2023. 07

ISO 9001 certified

2023. 08

Honored in ‘Global Star Fabless 30’ from Korea

2022. 12

Launch first commercial NPU ‘ARIES’

2021. 07

Series A fundraising

2020. 03

Development of first prototype (FPGA)

2020. 07

Ranked 1st place in Korea in MLPerf

2019. 04

Establishment of Mobilint

2019. 05

Seed fundraising


Expand the limit of AI.

At Mobilint, you will be at the forefront of the most exciting and demanding challenges in

edge AI computing, with the world’s most brilliant and capable engineers and pioneers.
Join us in pushing the boundaries of AI and writing the history where everyone can enjoy

the benefits of convenient and safe AI.

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